HCI Group is fixed on high reward opportunities and taking smart bets.

 We’ve had 10 years of strength and growth in building insurance brands and supporting operations.  Our successful businesses in technology, real estate, and reinsurance have giving us the resources and freedom to innovate from within. We’re now dedicated to modernizing the insurance experience utilizing our home-grown technology and people. It’s an exciting time at HCI Group.

One of Florida’s largest homeowners insurance companies, Homeowners Choice has among the highest policyholder retention rates in the industry, because we understand the importance of responsive service and reliable coverage when you need it most.

TypTap Insurance is setting out to modernize the way people interact with insurance companies. Policies are quick to bind, and they’re built with choice, fairness, and simplicity in mind so you can feel safe knowing TypTap has your back.

Exzeo is transforming the insurance industry with cutting edge technology that limits risk and increases profitability. Exzeo’s world-class team combines innovative software, complex algorithms, and proprietary data to create end-to-end insurance solutions and tools. 

Greenleaf Capital owns and manages over 500,000 square feet of space on a combined 60+ acres of land in Florida, including office buildings, retail shopping centers, waterfront land and marina properties.